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The brand new white box

What gives you joy in life? For me its lots of things; family, job, and friends of course, but its also living in a space that makes me happy, and most importantly feels like home. But what is home, is it simply the place we live? For me a home needs to feel personal. I want it to make me smile, brighten my day, and for it to have character and be full of personality. So you can imagine after years of lovingly restoring a period property, the thought of buying a new build in 2016 filled me with dread. It took us five years to really start to make it our own. In 2020 when lockdown hit my husband and I starting working from home full time we soon realised that we needed to make some changes to our home. Along came @Makemyhomepretty! But who would have thought my new instagram hobby would give me so much pleasure. I have found not only ideas and inspiration for the changes I wanted to make to my home, I also came across a wonderful community of likeminded interior obsessed folk. I was determined to smash the stereotype of the new build white box and prove to people that a new build can also have its own personality and character! We sold our new build in 2022 and have now bought our dream period property. It's a BIG PROJECT and needs a lot of work but I can't wait to bring colour and personality back into our Edwardian home. It has so much potential I can feel it!

Hope you enjoy my blog and that it sparks ideas for you and your home. Thanks for reading. Elise xx



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