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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Hello, its been a while since i've written a blog post but its on my list to pick up again in 2023 so I thought i'd start early with some Christmas gift guides basically because I am always looking to steal ideas from others on what to buy! I am starting with kids as that is front of my mind at the moment. Im trying not to count down the days until Xmas but my five year old seems to ask me every day so there is no getting away from it (dont panic, DONT PANIC!) I hope this sparks some ideas for you, stay tuned for some more present ideas over the coming weeks.


Elise x

Not on the high street - £27

Bella and Boo Kids - £7

Selfie Craft Company PJs - £29

NOTHS Batch1 - £22

H&M - £17.99

EBay - £43

Cribstar - £28

Hey Disco Baby - £55

Little Hotdog Watson - £30

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